Text revision

Text revision

Text revision does not only involve the correction of “commas and full stops”. When revising a text, we improve its composition, grammar as well as the style of writing. We also check whether appropriate and consistent terminology is used and make the structure uniform. Depending on the target audience and the purpose of the text, we suggest changes to the tone of writing.

All of my translations intended for publication as well as important or demanding translations for internal use in companies and certified translations are revised by professionals. Texts in the Slovenian and English languages are revised by trustworthy colleagues with an excellent track record in their respective fields of work.

Text revision can be ordered as part of a translation or as a self-standing service.

My rates

Revision rates depend primarily on the type, difficulty and urgency of the text as well as how regularly we work together. Based on your text in Slovenian or English, I can prepare a detailed quote with a binding price and delivery date in the shortest time possible.

When revision is included in a translation (for instance with translations that are to be published), the price of revision is included in the translation rate. This is always arranged with the client before an order is placed.