My strengths, your advantages

  1. I work to the highest professional standards, assuring quality, reliability and commitment.
  2. I have long-standing experience in translation and interpretation as well as a successful track record as a freelancer.
  3. I specialise, focusing on finance, banking, insurance, economic and business texts, mutual funds, law and pharmacy.
  4. I am an interpreter with vast experience in a variety of events and environments as well as modes of interpretation, with the ability to cope in demanding and unexpected situations.
  5. No matter whether I am dealing with international organisations, public entities and private companies or individuals, I show maximum commitment to each and every client.
  6. I always respect business agreements, including agreed deadlines.
  7. I am flexible and able to adjust to clients’ needs – for regular clients, I can usually work to tight deadlines and at short notice.
  8. I realise that satisfied clients are my best reference.
  9. I build long-term business relationships, for mutual satisfaction.
  10. I love to translate, exploring new subject areas and taking on terminological challenges. And I love to interpret, as I enjoy the dynamic and unpredictable nature of an interpreter’s job.