Certified translations & interpreting

Certified translations and interpreting

Certified translations

As a sworn translator and interpreter for the English language licensed by the Slovenian Ministry of Justice, I provide certified translations from English to Slovenian and vice versa. A certified translation is an official document that can be presented in legal transactions, before courts and official authorities in Slovenia and other countries.

A certified translation consists of the source-language (original) text and its target-language translation. The two documents are bound together with an official thread, and equipped with the translator’s stamp, signature and statement confirming that the translation is a true and accurate rendering of the original. In Slovenia, the status and work of sworn translators/interpreters is regulated by the Rules on Sworn Translators/Interpreters. I comply with the Code of Ethics of the Section of Court Interpreters of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Slovenia, which is based on the Code of Ethics of EULITA (European Legal Interpreters and Translators Associaton).

Examples of certified translations

  • Companies: extracts from the business register, contracts and agreements, powers of attorney, documents produced by notaries public etc.
  • Lawyers, courts: Articles of Association, charges, judgements, case files, expert opinions etc.
  • Individuals: birth certificates, school certificates, university diplomas, certificate of good conduct, certificates of marriage, medical reports, powers of attorney etc.

Certified interpreting

In a number of official situations, e.g. when legal transactions are concluded, procedures before notaries public or before a court, interpretation provided by a sworn interpreter is required. The latter ensures that participants who do not speak the official language of the procedure can understand and actively participate in the process.

 Examples of interpretation provided by a sworn interpreter

  • Official proceedings in notary offices where one of the participants is a foreigner without the command of Slovenian
  • Court proceedings, e.g. criminal procedure, succession and family matters
  • Marriage ceremonies

My rates

Send me the document you need a certified translation of or describe the event where the services of a sworn interpreter are needed, and I will prepare a detailed quote. As a rule, the rates of certified translations are normally slightly higher than those of ordinary translations, mostly because they are more demanding and time-consuming.