I provide simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting from English and German into Slovenian, and from Slovenian into English.

I am also a sworn interpreter from English into Slovenian and vice versa.


  • International conferences and symposia, training seminars, workshops, roundtable discussions
  • High-level protocolar visits and other high-level events, press conferences, receptions
  • On-the-spot inspections in various industries and branches of civil service audits based on different standards
  • Meetings and missions of international institutions
  • Business interpreting
  • Court interpreting

Examples of simultaneous interpretation assignments

  • EU institutions: working group meetings of the Council of the EU; meetings of the Council of Ministers in different formations; meetings of the European Parliament, parliamentary committees and political groups; proceedings before the European Court of Justice
  • International events organised or attended by authorities of the Republic of Slovenia
  • International conferences, scientific symposia, seminars, workshops in a variety of areas, including but not limited to: automotive, taxes, finance, intellectual property, public speaking, agriculture, culture, the environment, consumers, law, marketing, media, medicine, international relations, politics, psychology, rural development, standardisation, sports, technology, insurance, healthcare
  • Sessions of Management and Supervisory Boards, and General Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Training courses

Examples of consecutive interpretation assignments

  • Visits of Council of Europe delegations to Slovenia (in the areas of human rights, prevention of torture of persons deprived of liberty, rights of minorities, prevention of corruption, cultural policy etc.)
  • Inspections/audits of the European Commission in Slovenia (financial audits, public spending, agricultural aids, veterinary, rural development, structural funds, civil aviation security, medical devices)
  • High-level visits, including visits of heads of state and government, protocolar events, visits of parliamentary delegations, ministerial meetings
  • Audits/assessments against standards of quality and technical standards in commercial and non-commercial sectors
  • Courts, notary publics, mediations, family matters
  • Business meetings and negotiations


My clients include:

  • EU institutions (European Parliament, European Commission, European Court of Justice, Europol, Eurojust),
  • other international organisations (Council of Europe, OECD),
  • the Translation Division of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia,
  • companies,
  • educational and research institutions,
  • NGOs,
  • individuals.

My rates

Interpretation rates depend mainly on the duration of the event where interpretation is required, the type of interpretation and also the media coverage. Based on your event programme and/or information about its planned structure, I can prepare a detailed quote.

You can contact me at any time to obtain information and advice on the most appropriate format of interpretation and its technical implementation, as well as a detailed quote. Rest assured, I will come back to you in the shortest time possible.