I translate from English and German into Slovenian and from Slovenian into English.

I am most comfortable translating

- legal and business,
- banking and insurance,
- financial, accounting, auditing, taxation,
- financial services, mutual funds, asset management,
- pharmacy, and
- marketing texts,
but I am also happy to tackle other subject areas.

  1. Please send me your text by e-mail, specifying the target language and the required delivery date.
  2. I will review the text and prepare a quote with a detailed price and delivery time.
  3. When you confirm your order, I will produce a translation that
  • correctly and accurately conveys the meaning of the original text,
  • uses appropriate terminology and style,
  • is delivered within the agreed deadline.

4. In the course of the translation process, I will prepare a glossary of technical terms typically used in your texts, which I will consistently apply for your future translations.

  • Contracts and technical documentation on real estate construction and rental (long-term project, most recently December 2018)
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) of an international pharmaceutical company (December 2018)
  • Submissions and documentary evidence in a commercial dispute (long-term project, most recently December 2018)
  • Risk assessment of money laundering and terrorist financing (November 2018)
  • Submissions in a litigation (October 2018)
  • Limited Partnership Agreement (September 2018)
  • Data Privacy Policy (September 2018)
  • Marketing documentation and prospectus of an alternative investment fund (June 2018)
  • Annual report of a private company (April 2018)
  • Presentations for a conference on motor insurance (March 2018)


I provide simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting from English and German into Slovenian, and from Slovenian into English.

I have long-standing experience with interpretation:

- at international events in the public and private sectors,
- in EU institutions (e.g. European Commission, European Parliament, Court of the EU, Europol, Eurojust), ,
- for other international institutions (e.g. Council of Europe, OECD),
- at high-level protocol and political events (e.g. National Assembly, National Council, Office of the President of Slovenia, ministries),
- at business meetings in a range of industries,
- as a court interpreter at appointments with notaries, court hearings and in other official situations.

  1. Please specify the basic details about your event (date and place, topic, duration, type of event, e.g. conference, roundtable discussion, business meeting) and the number of languages required.
  2. I will advise on the most suitable form of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered), other technical aspects (e.g. renting booths or other conference equipment, conference rooms, seating arrangement for speakers and interpreters, etc.) and if necessary the programme structure.
  3. Based on the input above, I will prepare a quote with details on:
  • the number of languages and interpreters in the team,
  • the price, which will depend on the type and duration of the event,
  • the material to be delivered in advance so that interpreters can prepare for the assignment.
  1. Before the event, the interpreters will study the conference material and any other background documents provided by you to get familiar with the subject matter of your conference. If necessary, we will meet for a briefing session.

5. At your event, the interpreter team will do their utmost to contribute to its success.

      • IT in Public Administration conference (December 2018)
      • Local elections observation mission to Slovenia, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Council of Europe (November 2018)
      • Long-term Care in Slovenia conference (November 2018)
      • On-the-spot audit regarding area aids in agriculture (August 2018)
      • Pharmacovigilance audit of an international pharmaceutical company (August 2018)
      • World Beekeepers Conference (Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association and Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, May 2018)
      • International Wine Competition in Ljubljana (May 2018)
      • Smart Villages conference (European Parliament in Slovenia, April 2018)
      • Training of judicial experts in the field of violence against women and domestic violence (Council of Europe, March 2018)
      • Better Regulation conference (OECD and Government of Slovenia, March 2018)


As a sworn translator and interpreter for the English language licensed by the Slovenian Ministry of Justice, I provide certified translations from English to Slovenian and vice versa, and interpret in official situations where interpretation by a sworn interpreter is required.

A certified translation is an official document that can be presented in legal transactions, at courts and to official authorities in Slovenia and in other countries. A certified translation consists of the source-language text and its target-language translation. The two documents are bound together with an official thread, and equipped with the translator’s stamp, signature and a statement confirming the translation to be a true and accurate rendering of the source text.

Certified interpretation by a sworn interpreter is required in various proceedings where the parties do not understand the language of the procedure, for example at notaries' offices to conclude legal transactions, at court hearings, etc.

  1. Please send me a scanned or hard copy of your document and specify the required delivery date.
  2. I will review the text and prepare a quote with a detailed price and delivery time.
  3. When you confirm your order, I will produce a translation that
  • will correctly and accurately render the original text and will also have the same form,
  • will be delivered within the agreed deadline,
  • will be bound with the original text and equipped with the translator’s statement, stamp and signature.

4. I will send you a hard copy by post or a scanned copy by e-mail.

In Slovenia, the status and work of sworn translators/interpreters are regulated by the Rules on Court Experts, Certified Appraisers and Court Interpreters. I comply with the Code of Ethics of the Section of Court Interpreters of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Slovenia, which is based on the Code of Ethics of EULITA (European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association).

  • Companies: extracts from the business register, contracts and agreements, powers of attorney, documents prepared by notaries, etc.
  • Lawyers, courts: articles of association, court applications, judgements, expert opinions, etc.
  • Individuals: birth certificates, school certificates, university diplomas, certificates of good conduct, certificates of marriage, medical reports, powers of attorney, etc.
    • Official proceedings in notary’s offices where one of the parties is a foreigner without the command of Slovenian.
    • Court proceedings, e.g. criminal, civil, succession, family, commercial proceedings.
    • Marriage ceremonies



Text revision does not only involve the correction of 'commas and full stops'. Its purpose is to improve the composition of the text, grammar as well as the style of writing. We also check whether appropriate and consistent terminology is used and make the structure uniform. Depending on the target audience and the purpose of the text, we suggest changes to the tone of writing.

Text revision can be ordered as part of a translation or as a self-standing service. Texts in the Slovenian and English languages are revised by trustworthy colleagues with an excellent track record in their respective fields of work.


Are you organising an international event? I can arrange a team of experienced, reliable interpreters with the language combination you need.

I can provide advice on and help with:

- the technical aspects of your event and conference equipment rentals,
- the renting of premises, and
- programme structure.